Our security services extend to covering large scale sporting events such as football matches, motoring events and various other large scale sporting activities.

  • Crowd control management and behavioral monitors
  • Crowd, Gate Entry and Parking stewarding
  • SIA response teams and extraction teams
  • Crowd flow and movement stewards
  • VIPs Guest Escorting and close protection
  • Corporate Security and Hosting Guest list control

Sporting Events Security

With any large sporting event you can expect large crowds; these crowds bring with them their own unique set of problems. Security Nation have our own highly trained and experienced event staff and parking staff to ensure your event runs smoothly.

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We can offer to organisers gate marshals that can safely welcome your visitors into events and also provide a partial or full search to the guests where required. Obviously, we supply both male and female trained security officers to do this. Once inside, we have our elite team of SIA trained sports event security to look after your customers. These personnel cover all of the varying roles that you can expect on match day.

We offer full mobile rapid response teams both on foot and in sign-written vehicles; we also have mobile check points that can be erected inside your event and a mobile headquarters unit that acts as security control.

Our other areas of safety are mobile cash movers that visit remote cash points and transfer money to your safes from your cashiers. This means your money is in safe hands and cannot be tampered with at any point.

All Staff are SIA licensed and fully insured

We also supply static staff that are situated around your event on various stalls, stands or bars and around courts, pitches or tracks. These staff members are all SIA licensed and trained to meet the standards that you would expect from a modern day security officer.