Security Nations management team is made of individual security specialists. This structure works well for us and insures that each and every event has a specialist member of security staff on site running their own teams and reporting to security control, the police or an event organiser.

Whether it is a door entry and guest list management team at a private function, or a rapid response unit at a festival, we guarantee you that the particular member of staff we have selected for your event/function will have proved that they have both experience and the individual qualities to excel in this role.

Marcel Cullers.

Security Nation Director:

Security Position: Alpha 1

Specialist Areas: All areas.

Alpha 1 - Marcel Cullers

Marcel has worked in the security industry for since 1992 and has developed the skills, connections and knowledge that have allowed him to excel and become both known and trusted in the security industry.

Marcel works mainly with landlords, council organisers, event organisers and Police officers to insure that our contracts and events are both planned and run smoothly.

Daniel Curtis.

Security Nation Management:

Security Position: Alpha 2

Specialist areas: Area Supervisor –

Senior Event Supervisor –

Corporate Security Supervisor.

Alpha 2 - Martin Stokes

Daniel started working around the Portsmouth area over a decade ago in various security roles. He started working in event security and was spotted by Security Nation for his skills in a supervisor’s role. Since he started working for Security nation he has proved himself time after time in some potentially difficult situations and he has since gone on to become Security Nations area supervisor.

Daniel takes the role of Alpha 2 for Security Nation very seriously and approaches each and every project that he is given with his usual polite and professional work ethic.

Mr Tony Peacock.

Security Nation Management:

Security Position: Bravo 1

Specialist Areas: Marine Security Supervisor –

VIP Transfers Supervisor – Event Planning Supervisor.

Bravo 1 - Mr Tony Peacock

Tony has worked in security since 1991 and has carried out various roles both on land and at sea.

Tony has taken part in competitive rib racing for many years and has a vast knowledge of marine vessels, marine communications and navigation.

Tony is in charge of Security Nations Marine Security Division and his teams recent tasks have seen them supplying boundary security for large ships around Southampton Docs. Tony’s team have also recently initiated VIP marine transfers for artists such as Kasabian to and from the Isle Of Wight festival.

Mrs Dannielle Jarvis.

Security Nation Management:

Position: Office Staff

Specialist Areas: Marketing – Accounts - Recruitment.

Dannielle Jarvis

Danielle has been at Security Nation since its beginning taking care detailed work such as bookings, marketing, accounts and recruitment.

Danielle is office based but on larger multi-day events you will find her in the Security Nation command centre dealing with rotas and staff supply issues on site.