Many years of working in construction / building site security have resulted in our site guards developing skills and protocols that cover any possible scenario.

  • Static guarding and site patrol
  • Gate house construction site entry security
  • High visibility dog patrolling
  • Site Equipment and material Protection
  • 24 hour emergency security response
  • Perimeter boundary monitoring and patrol

Construction Site Security

Construction and building sites can be dangerous areas and the staff at Security Nation are experienced in all aspects of securing them effectively and without incident.

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Building site security is essential for sites where there is a need to protect any costly materials or machinery. Our security guards are only too aware of what is at stake on such construction sites and will work diligently to prevent any unauthorised entry to the site, which could potentially lead to damaged or stolen machinery or tools.

The construction site security guards will monitor and keep records of any persons entering and leaving the building site. This ensures that there is always an up to date log of who has been in and out of the construction site at any given time.

All Staff are SIA licensed and fully insured

As a deterrent, your equipment will be continuously checked and monitored by our highly visible site security guards. These guards understand their positions and are fully committed to providing the best service possible.

Security Nations construction site guards liaising with the local law enforcement. The local Police checking in with one of our static security guards at Southampton University. An access point identification check taking place at the entrance to a private building site. The Security Nation sign hangs on the exterior fence of a secure site. A Security Nation site guard posing for the camera during a routine site inspection.